Why I Chose Soundstripe for My Wedding Videography Business

Why I Chose Soundstripe for My Wedding Videography Business | Jennifer Pellin

As a Charlotte, North Carolina based wedding videographer, the quality and professionalism I place into Jpellin Video + Design produces work that exceeds my clients’ expectations. Selecting the right music for a wedding video is a very important task. The music adds to a wedding story by expressing the mode of a particular scene, capturing the emotion of that special day, a day that oftentimes, goes by all too fast. I believe the music overlay can make or break a wedding video. So why did I choose Soundstripe for my wedding videography business? That’s simple! I chose Soundstripe because I needed a company that could provide a high-quality selection of music, unlimited music licensing, affordable pricing, and super friendly customer service. Soundstripe was the right choice for Jpellin Video + Design. It provides my business with exceptional service, and many additional benefits. So to go a little further, let’s break down in more detail exactly what I was searching for in a music licensing platform, and how Soundstripe met the need as my ideal company of choice.

Why I Chose Soundstripe for My Wedding Videography Business | Jennifer Pellin

Quality: As a wedding videographer, the audio for my films is just as important as the visuals. I knew that I could have the best video footage possible, but if the type of music didn’t fit, or if the sound quality wasn’t top-notch, then that would be a deal-breaker for me. I needed a company that provided high-quality music with unlimited access to thousands of quality songs. Soundstripe currently has a wide range of music for every mood, and it adds over 200 new songs to its library every month.

Soundstripe makes creating very simple, and I never have to worry about the music with the intuitive search feature. Music can be searched by selecting categories like weddings, receptions, podcast, vlog, social media, and much more. I can also search by mood, artist, genre, etc., to find the perfect sound. Soundstripe also offers a catalog of thousands of sound effects to use for video. The site is very organized, and makes finding music simple and easy to use. After being a member for over a year, I find that the quality of their music is second to none. I just love using Soundstripe to edit my wedding films.

Music Licensing: The music license is another important feature, and I needed to utilize a company that would provide me with unlimited licenses. Soundstripe offered this option, allowing me to upload music on different platforms like my website, social media, Vimeo, YouTube, and other media outlets. Since Soundstripe is a worry-free licensing platform, I knew once I became a member, I would be protected for every song I downloaded.

Soundstripe screen | Jennifer Pellin

Pricing: For only $135 a year, I have access to thousands of unlimited high-quality music and unlimited music licenses. The company also offers a monthly membership inclusive of the same benefits. So why did I choose Soundstripe for my wedding videography business? As a wedding videographer, I knew I had to invest in a cost-effective platform, and would provide hassle-free music licensing, for me to provide a quality product for my clients. Soundstripe provided the best music platform at an amazing price, and as a result, I purchased its service for Jpellin Video + Design. I am so glad I did!

Customer Service: I love Soundstripe’s real-time customer service support. They do offer an online chat with a team member, however, there is nothing better than speaking with a live customer service representative. During my initial search for a licensed music platform, I did not have a clue exactly what I was searching for, and had a lot of questions in the beginning. Even though this was a new transition for me, the Soundstripe support team made it very simple and easy to work with. They answered all of my questions, and also resolved any issues that occurred. Once again, I am so glad that I made the initial investment, and became a member of Soundstripe. Not only has this company made selecting high-quality licensed music easier for me, but it has also added to the appeal and value of my wedding videos, thereby, enhancing my clients’ experience.

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