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Jpellin Video + Design recently added Engagement Videos to the wedding package and I would love to hear from you! Some may ask, what is an engagement video and how would I use it? Glad you asked, let’s keep reading to find out more. 

What is an engagement video?
An engagement video is very similar to a photography engagement session. It captures all the playful, fun and shareable moments from how you met; up to the actual proposal. The final video is about 1-2 minutes in length; can be longer if preferred. An engagement video session allows you to have one-on-one time with each other as well as with your videographer. If you are camera shy this can help you relax and have fun before the big wedding day. The engagement video is typically scheduled weeks or even months before your wedding day; allowing ample time to edit the finished video.

What is the difference between an engagement video and the wedding day video?
The wedding day video captures pre and post ceremony activities, i.e., getting dressed, hair and make-up, precious keepsake vows, first dance, first look, hugs, and laughter of friends and family at the reception for you to relive. The engagement video captures one-on-one time with each other without the wedding party and attended guest. It’s intimate time shared with the bride and groom to-be and the videographer. It’s sharing your natural living environment and having fun doing what you like to do as a couple. This is also an opportunity to learn your wedding videographer and see how they work.

What are the ways to use the engagement video?
The engagement video can be used as a save-the-date video, played during the reception and/or added to the main wedding day video. If used as a save-the-date video, it should go out 4 to 6 months before the wedding date. This gives your guests time to plan and make proper arrangements for your special day. If played during the reception, play it while everyone is eating or before the speeches are given. This is a nice mix to some of the traditional activities and adds more entertainment at the reception. Lastly, if added to the wedding day video, it will help show the full story. The story of how the two of you met, things you like to do as well as some of the playful moments the two of you share. It will also capture the build-up of the actual day when you say “I do.” As a couple, you will be able to relive the memories for years to come while sharing some of your special times with family and friends.

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