Meet Adina Starke of Enchantment Designs

Meet Adina Starke of Enchantment Designs | Jpellin Video + Design

Adina Starke, a freelance Charlotte wedding photographer of Enchantment Designs, who provides newly engaged couples with quality wedding photography. Adina is also a traveling wedding photographer – no distance is too far. Launched in 2009, the company strives to capture the joy and happiness that its clients experience on their wedding day. Enchantment Designs not only captures life’s moments but evokes emotions clients will cherish for a lifetime. Adina works with a team to provide a well-planned and organized experience for her clients. They capture more than six weddings per year and have photographed over 40 weddings.

Meet Adina Starke of Enchantment Designs
Meet Adina Starke of Enchantment Designs | Jpellin Video + Design
Adina Starke of Enchantment Designs | Jennifer Pellin

What made you decide to get into the wedding industry?
My business tagline is, “Capturing moments that turn into memories that last a lifetime” and I am passionate about being a part of special moments in my clients lives, from celebrations and a couple’s first kiss, to welcoming a new addition to the family. I enjoy documenting lives so that life’s moments with friends and family can be shared with future generations. Seeing my photographs in the homes of my clients makes me proud that my work is appreciated and admired.

What makes your services unique to the wedding industry?
I set myself apart from others by listening to my clients and aligning my services to fit their needs. I pride myself on patience, attention to detail, and commitment to quality.  I go above and beyond the expectations of my clients to foster relationships that lend themselves to repeat business. I aim to make my clients feel good about themselves and strive to evoke emotion and allow their personality to shine in their photographs.

My creative background stems from my time at Clemson University. My degree in Graphic Communications, and professional and personal experiences, enhances how I deliver my craft. To round out my services, I offer graphic designing to clients for customized stationery and artwork.

Why do you think that couples should hire a wedding photographer?
Couples should hire a professional wedding photographer to have quality artwork that lasts a lifetime for generations to come. Wedding photography is an important part of the story telling process and can be a couple’s way to relive their special day. They should spend time thinking about the experience they want and find the right team to help them execute on their vision.

Describe your ideal wedding client and the questions they should be asking you.
My ideal client is a couple that provides ample communication of their vision. When shooting a wedding, I love to know what the client wants so I can make sure I get the right people, angles, and storyline that is important to them.

It’s important to ask questions such as what sort of equipment do you have, are you solo or do you have a team, what happens if your camera malfunctions, etc. But what sets photographers apart is how they listen, brainstorm ideas, leverage past experiences, and craft a plan focused on making your day special.

Describe your most successful experience.
I define success with a happy client. Even if the day goes smoothly without any issues, success to me is the response I get from the couple during and after the wedding day when they view their photos for the first time. I love their excitement and amazement at seeing my artwork.

What steps do you take to handle last-minute changes or unexpected challenges that occur before or during an event?
The key is to expect the unexpected. I bring backup equipment and usually a second photographer and assistant. Surprises happen and I adjust and try to keep my clients at ease. I support my clients through stressful moments and focus on providing them with a high-quality product.

Cost can be a huge factor for couples who are looking to hire a photographer. What advice would you give to them about this concern?
Not all photographers are the same; find someone who can provide value with what’s important to you. If your goal is to minimize cost, look for photographers hoping to build their portfolio and gain some experience. If quality is your focus find someone with experience, quality equipment, and a team that supports you on your wedding day.

Is there anything else you would like to include?
I would like to share my gratitude for the opportunity to share my business and thoughts with this audience. You can find me at and on social media @Enchantmentdesigns

Adina Starke of Enchantment Designs
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