So it was that time again for Jpellin Video & Design to capture one of the most important days in a girl’s life, “her wedding”. There was no time for errors, no time to be late, and no time for missing anything! So in the preparation stage the best thing to do was to have everything planned out ahead of time the night before. All the video equipment had to be charged, SD cards had to be cleared, and any other equipment needed had to packed and ready to go! Okay so it’s the night before the great event and we were ready. With that the big day was hours away, the weather was supposed to be nice; spring was in the air just right for a sunset wedding, at the State Park located in Greenwood, SC. As the guests were arriving the start time was

approaching as well. We captured the groom getting dressed first, then the bride. Afterwards it was time to head outside to setup for the moment. The guests were seated, the band was in place, and everything was ready to start. As the minister took his place the music started with the parents being seated, following by the grandparents. Next up, the wedding party with the groom. Now, the moment everyone’s and the groom were waiting for the entrance of the bride. All dressed in white, being escorted by her father… here comes the bride! Ready to shoot, and we only had that one chance to get it RIGHT! So how do you want to remember your big day? Contact or call us at 864.344.2587 today!