Well, it’s that time of year! Inquiries have started rolling in and we’re super excited to start booking 2014 and 2015 weddings! So if you’re getting married this year, next year, or know someone who is, we would love to schedule a meeting! We have set an incredible goal for this year, and we would need your help to reach that goal. So this is how it works, if you refer a client or clients to us and this results in the client booking a wedding video (paid non-refundable deposit), we will send you $25 to say

“Thanks”. Also the client will also get $25 off towards one of our wedding packages. This offer also applies to any friendly wedding suppliers, wedding planners or anyone who refers clients to us…. we think this pretty much covers all so no one is left out! So don’t wait, get in touch with us today if you know of someone looking to hire quality wedding videographers to capture that special event, contact or call us at 864.344.2587.